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Tips for successful stock market investments

To speculate on the stock market under good conditions, it is important to compare the best brokers. There are a number of tips to help novice traders trade on the stock market. The beginner trader can also take a free…

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Sports betting trading

Football is a sport I like, but sitting comfortably on my couch. What happens when the referee blows the whistle at half-time? Advertisers specialising in sports and especially sports betting take advantage of this to attract our attention. A few…

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Why should a swing trader always have a long term strategy?

Note: This article is written by Jonathan from the blog “live forex trading” who is a swing trader in the currency market and who shares his 10 years of experience on his blog. So it’s him who speaks from now…

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What are the reasons for the stock market crash and how to avoid it?

The reasons for the stock market crash The main financial transactions are carried out with the stock exchange. This is a market dedicated to buying and selling shares (capital shares) of this or that company: Facebook, Alibaba, Toyota moto, Volkswagen,…

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Stock market shares: how to manage them well?

Managing a stock market portfolio is not for the average person. The task requires experience and method. There are indeed a multitude of rules to respect in order to make an investment grow. It takes time and patience to master…

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