Investing in real estate: how to choose the right investment?

A safe bet and a refuge, stone is without a doubt the favourite investment of the French. Over time, it appreciates and can effectively withstand periods of financial and economic crisis. In addition to taking advantage of attractive real estate loan rates, investors can also access schemes that allow them to benefit from substantial tax advantages. However, as with other investments, investing in real estate should not be improvised under any circumstances, as it may lead to certain setbacks.

Choosing the right real estate investment: starting off on the right foot

Instead of embarking on an improvised operation, you need to make your investment more targeted. To do this, you should first define your objective while having a precise idea of what you intend to do with your investment: earn additional income, increase your assets, take advantage of the benefits of the various tax exemption schemes, plan a future resale, take over the property after a few years of renting it out to make it your main residence, etc. It is according to the purpose of your project that you can set up a well thought-out strategy for a profitable investment. Concretely, your objectives will determine the type of property you will invest in and its location. What's more, they will also enable you to choose the right real estate investment that is likely to generate a whole range of advantages: main residence, real estate for tax exemption, rental real estate investment, real estate via SPCIs, real estate crowdfunding, etc. Whatever your objective or the type of investment you are most interested in, it is essential to seek the support of a professional, especially if you are only a first-time investor. With a wealth management professional on your side, you could protect yourself from investing at a loss. What's more, this is the kind of professional who is best placed to know which real estate investment to choose.

Seek the advice of a wealth management advisor

Real estate investment means a range of investment choices requiring prior analysis. Therefore, before considering anything, you should seek professional advice. This is why it is essential to seek the cutting-edge expertise of a wealth management advisor to ensure that your investment is profitable and efficient. With the help of this professional, you will have a better chance of finding the best options, both from a wealth and financial standpoint. But first, your advisor will take stock of your wealth and tax situation. And it is on the basis of this that he will be able to determine your level of risk-taking according to your investment support criteria. He will be able to direct your choice towards the best real estate investments capable of guaranteeing you a higher rate of return. In addition, thanks to the wealth management adviser, you can benefit from tailor-made support throughout the various stages of your investment. The added value of such a professional lies in the fact that all he or she thinks about is making you benefit from a considerable increase in value, whatever type of real estate investment you have chosen.

Criteria for choosing the best wealth management advisor

As in all professions, the quality of services differs from one consultant to another. Whether it is for a financial investment or a real estate investment, you should only favour good wealth management advisers. The fundamental criterion that you should consider is versatility. For a wealth management advisor, versatility is a determining factor, knowing that his or her missions are at the crossroads between a whole range of activities such as real estate, finance, insurance, banking, etc.  As far as skills are concerned, the advisor must have economic, fiscal, financial, social and legal expertise at his fingertips. Because a wealth management advisor accompanies you for a certain period of time and has access to relatively sensitive information, it is essential to choose a reliable person. In this case, before making a choice, check whether the professional is registered with Orias. He must also be attached to a professional chamber approved by the AMF (financial markets authority) or the CNCGP (national chamber of wealth management advisors) ... Although it is not an obligation, a good wealth management advisor must have a financial investment advisor (FIA) status.

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