What are the best investments in real estate?

Real estate investment enjoys a great success among French taxpayers. Profitable, but also secure, this type of investment can however take various forms depending on the objectives pursued and the amounts invested. Do you wish to make your savings grow, anticipate your retirement or prepare the future of your children? Discover 3 attractive solutions for investing in real estate.

Option 1: choosing real estate crowdfunding

A real novelty in the landscape of investment in stone, real estate crowdfunding is attracting a growing number of individual investors. Indeed, this method allows access to real estate investment with a small starting fee, and does not require a considerable personal contribution. It allows you to invest in the short term and to benefit from a high return, between 7% and 12% of your initial investment. Be careful, however, to choose your intermediary carefully if you plan to make such an investment. To invest well in real estate crowdfunding, you must choose a reliable and secure platform. You will also have to plan your investment in advance, by making your own forecast accounts or by being accompanied by your wealth management advisor.

Option n° 2: opting for a non-trading real estate investment company (SCPI)

Real estate investment trusts, or SCPIs, are also a secure and profitable way to make your savings grow. With this system, just like crowdfunding, you do not buy your own property. You acquire shares in real estate programs, before being remunerated at the level of your initial investment. The main advantage of this method lies in the comfort of management: a dedicated company monitors the work of the real estate programs, but also the rental of the properties and the remuneration of the investors. You are thus relieved of the traditional disadvantages of a property purchase, such as delays in the work or the payment of notary fees. This type of investment also offers you a high return, provided you opt for a SCPI (as opposed to a tax SCPI).

Option no. 3: opting for a real estate investment under the Pinel law

The principle of the Pinel device differs significantly from the two devices presented above. The Pinel Act applies mainly to property purchases on the new-build market, but may also apply to older properties. The objective is not the same either: unlike SCPI and crowdfunding, a real estate acquisition under the Pinel law allows you to benefit from tax advantages, and not from financial remuneration. In fact, you undertake to offer your property for rent in return for a reduction in income tax. However, this type of investment can also be an effective solution if you wish to reduce the amount of your taxes while increasing your family assets.

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